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New Media Series—Laleh Khorramian: Water Panics in the Sea
July 13–October 21, 2012

Merging the traditions of drawing, printmaking, and collage with stop-motion animation, Laleh Khorramian's hallucinatory video, Water Panics in the Sea, presents an alternate reality through which a sea vessel travels toward an unknown destination. The kaleidoscopic form of this haunting, yet captivating ghost ship evolves throughout the video; at various points it resembles a Viking longship, an ark, or a spaceship, sometimes pulsating with the vitality of an organic body. The vessel passes sweeping vistas of sea and land populated by unidentifiable figures—possibly human inhabitants of the remote past or distant future. Through a heightened sense of color, inventive manipulation of paint, and precise digital editing (along with an original score composed by Shahzad Ismaily), Khorramian creates a layered experience of time and space, evoking the myriad passages of human conquest and migration throughout history.

This New Media Series exhibition marks the premiere of Water Panics in the Sea at an American museum. Curated by Tricia Y. Paik, assistant curator of modern and contemporary art, New Media Series—Laleh Khorramian: Water Panics in the Sea will be on view in Gallery 301 from July 13 through October 21, 2012.

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