Atua: Sacred Gods from Polynesia
October 12, 2014–January 4, 2015
Main Exhibition Galleries

$12 adults/$10 students and seniors/$6 children/free for Museum Members

Building upon a long legacy of rich engagement with arts from the Pacific Islands since the 1940s, the Art Museum this fall will present an international exhibition featuring more than 60 of the most iconic Polynesian sculptures from museum and private collections around the world.

Atua: Sacred Gods from Polynesia, organized by the National Gallery of Australia, explores in unprecedented depth the relationship between art objects and Polynesian concepts of atua–gods, ancestors, and spirit beings. The exhibition examines the artworks as embodiments of atua and considers the layered meanings that underlie their creation.

The Museum is the exhibition's sole venue in the United States. Atua: Sacred Gods from Polynesia is accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue. The exhibition is curated by Michael Gunn, senior curator of Pacific art at the National Gallery of Australia.