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Fall Teacher Workshops
Advance your thinking about the arts this school year with teacher workshops. Join us as we explore recently reinstalled Museum collections, including Asian, European, and American Art. We will discover correlations between various artistic movements and the constantly changing cultural, historical, and social con

texts which shaped their style. With the addition of more studio-based options, teachers will also investigate historic and contemporary media in greater depth. Check for updates online under Teacher Programs and watch for workshop announcements beginning in October.
Master Teacher Summer Fellow Update
As a life-long arts aficionado and dedicated social studies teacher at Nerinx Hall High School, Karen Johnson regularly incorporates art and aesthetics in the classroom. During her tenure as the 2012 Master Teacher Summer Fellow, she developed an even deeper appreciation of the relationship between art, society, and economics. Karen spent a considerable amount of her time this summer tracing Indian Ocean trade routes in the Museum's extensive library and database, and speaking with the Museum's Asian art curators about the decoration and manufacture of export goods. She plans to introduce this information both in her classes and in her upcoming teacher workshop.

Says Karen of the experience: "I have been trying to incorporate Middle Eastern and Asian trade into my classes for years. By speaking with curators and conducting my own research in the galleries, I now have the knowledge to do just that. To discover that the Saint Louis Art Museum is also taking the 21st Century Skills approach is wonderful. I now know that I am on the right track in my curriculum design and lesson implementation." Watch for Karen's teacher workshop this October.

If you are a teacher with an education, humanities, physical sciences, foreign language, social sciences, visual or performing arts background and would like to learn about the 2013 Master Teacher Summer Fellowship, please click here for additional information.
High School Art Project: Barocci Edition
Fall brings another exciting installment of High School Art Project, an opportunity for small teams of high school students to engage in focused, in-depth discussion and art-making based on the Museum's collection. This year's program highlights the upcoming featured exhibition Federico Barocci: Renaissance Master (October 21, 2012 - January 20, 2013). Students will investigate the innovative drawings, prints, and paintings of this celebrated sixteenth-century artist, following the artistic process from preparatory sketch to finished product through Barocci's expressive use of line and color.

High School Art Project will be offered in two sessions, each with a different media focus. The sculptural potential of Barocci's graphic style will be explored in the October 30 session, while the November 9 program will emphasize symbolic uses of drawing. Schools may participate in only one session and may register no more than four students for this program. Registration for both sessions will begin in October. Please visit School Programs for information updates regarding registration and session content.
Saint Louis Art Museum Teen Council
The Saint Louis Art Museum is excited to announce the pilot of a SLAM Teen Arts Council (STAC) during the 2012-2013 academic year. STAC is built upon the philosophy that teens have the best insights into the artistic tastes, desires, and trends of their peers, and as a result, should be integral in the design and implementation of teen programming at the Museum. In addition to offering classes and workshops dedicated solely to teens, the SLAM Teen Arts Council is planning several exciting events in the coming year tailored to the Museum's teen audience.

Upcoming events:
Saturday, September 29th, 2012, 10:00–11:00am
SLAM Teen Arts Council Informational Meeting
Note: Light refreshments will be provided

Saturday, October 27th, 2012, 10:00am–12:30pm
SLAM Teen Arts Council Workshop: Cell Phone Photography
Note: Free admission; Lunch will be provided

If you know any teens who are social-minded and interested in both the arts and in events programming, nominate them for the Saint Louis Art Museum Teen Arts Council!

Please contact Vanity Gee at with nominations and requests for additional information.
New on View: Art of the Great Plains
Moccasins, pipe bags, and cradleboards return to the galleries in Art of the Great Plains, a dynamic installation of late 19th century Native American art. Drawn from the Museum's Donald Danforth Jr. Collection, this impressive array of clothing, tools, and accessories embodies important traditional concepts which continue to be observed by contemporary Plains Indian communities. In addition to their everyday functions, the objects serve as important indicators of status and personal iconography; many are embellished with symbols referencing spiritual power and individual history. A second gallery featuring Native art of the American Southwest, Prairie, and Plateau regions, among others, presents an instructive comparison of materials and aesthetics. Both collections have been installed in the level three galleries with American Art so as to foster cultural and aesthetic dialogue with European-American art of the same historic period.

Related Education Programming:
The Museum's second annual Danforth Lecture will take place Thursday, September 27, at 6:30pm in the Friends Room. Arthur Amiotte, respected Lakota artist, historian, writer, lecturer, and educator, will speak about Lakota art and philosophy. Mr. Amiotte's artistic oeuvre spans five decades. In addition, he has written extensively on Lakota art and society, and has received numerous awards, including a Getty Foundation Grant and the South Dakota Governor's Award. The Lecture will be preceeded by a public reception at 5:30pm.

Families: Each Sunday in October, Family Programs will showcase the newly installed Native American Galleries with a variety of free public tours and art activities. This month-long event, entitled Life on the Plains, will begin with a special festival to be held Sunday, October 7, in celebration of the opening of the Native American Galleries. Join us for an afternoon of art projects, performances, food, and more. Be sure to return each week for a new themed art activity. Please visit Family Programs for additional information.

Teachers: In observance of Native American Heritage Month, Teacher Programs will present, "What's American About American Indian Art?", on Wednesday, November 7. This evening workshop will encourage teachers to consider the shared histories and interactions between Native Plains and mainstream American cultures at the turn of the 20th century. The session will be followed in the spring by a hands-on Weekend Studio workshop that will introduce teachers to traditional Plains beadwork techniques and artistic motifs. Watch for information updates on this and other exciting teacher programs this school year.

Art of the Great Plains is currently on view in Gallery 322.
Saint Louis Public Schools
Visual Art Teacher of the Year Awards
The Saint Louis Art Museum is pleased to host the 2012 St. Louis Public Schools Visual Art Teacher of the Year Awards. This honor is given in recognition of an outstanding arts educator teaching in the Saint Louis Public School district.

The award was created as a way of acknowledging the significant role that art educators play in the education of students. One teacher at the kindergarten through eighth-grade levels, and another educator at the high school level will be selected to receive the award.

Candidates must be nominated by a professional colleague; provide letters of recommendation from both his/ her principal and a colleague of his/ her choice; be currently employed as a full-time certified visual art teacher in the St. Louis Public Schools; and have at least three years of experience teaching visual arts in the SLPS system.

The St. Louis Public Schools Visual Art Teacher of the Year Awards reception will be held on Wednesday, December 5, 2012, from 5:00–7:00 p.m. The Awards are made possible through the Parsons Blewett Memorial Fund and donations to the St. Louis Public Schools Foundation.