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Monet's Water Lilies for Teachers
The Saint Louis Art Museum is delighted to share with teachers the featured exhibition, Monet's Water Lilies. On view from October 2, 2011 to January 22, 2012, this exhibition reunites three mural-sized panels created between 1915 and 1926 from Claude Monet's iconic Water Lilies series. In addition to the water lilies triptych, the exhibition includes archival photographs of Monet and his garden at Giverny, a selection of Monet's preparatory studies, and rare film footage of the artist painting outdoors en plein air.

Over the past year, members of the Museum's Teacher Advisory Group worked with Museum staff as co-authors and consultants on a collection-based Monet resource intended to help educators develop and facilitate meaningful experiences, discussions, and lessons for students. Click here for teacher workshops offered in conjunction with this featured exhibition and new educational resource.
Teach Green!
Bringing the Environment into your Curriculum
The Museum offers a series of teacher and school programs which promote the use of the natural environment as a teaching tool and source of artistic inspiration.

  ·  Voyagers Academy of Learning is an experiential 'summer camp' for teachers that offers direct exposure to the natural resources of Forest Park and the cultural institutions therein. Throughout the eight-day adventure, teachers develop a sense of place in the park through interdisciplinary units on forestry, grasslands, prairies, and the ecology of aquatic systems. Organized by Forest Park Forever.
  ·  Inspired by Nature (for 1st through 3rd graders) kindles interest and curiosity among young learners about the environment and artists' creative responses to it. Arts-integrated approaches to habitats, animals, and natural phenomena provide students with fun, meaningful learning experiences.
  ·  Observing Nature (for 4th through 6th graders) stimulates hands-on student investigation of and engagement with the natural world. By the completion of the program, students will gain greater understanding of their role as responsible environmental stewards.

In conjunction with the Museum's soon-to-be completed expansion, Education will further broaden its arts-integrated environmental program offerings with the addition of new galleries and outdoor spaces.

Contact us at for more information about these and other programs.
Master Teacher Summer Fellow Update
Shortly after joining the Museum as the 2011 Master Teacher Summer Fellow, Nicole Post, an elementary teacher and special education consultant at The Soulard School, immersed herself in a variety of projects focused on the theme of ecology-based education. Over the four week fellowship, she refined an experiential multi-visit science program for elementary students, led informal workshop activities during a summer teacher institute held at the Museum, and formulated a series of professional development workshops for her teaching colleagues, among other projects. Nicole says of the experience, 'I have so appreciated my time learning, collaborating, and playing in the Museum. I am delighted by the partnership with my school and even more excited to come back and implement some of the plans I've developed.'

Watch for Nicole's upcoming teacher workshop, Observe, Record, Create: The Artist as Scientist, to be held December 13, 2011 5:00 – 8:00pm.

If you are a teacher with an education, humanities, physical sciences, foreign language, social sciences, visual or performing arts background and would like to learn about the 2012 Master Teacher Summer Fellowship, click here for additional information.
Teacher Workshops: Fall Roster
Saint Louis Art Museum 2011-2012 teacher workshops and professional development programs will emphasize a return to basics, as the Museum explores core curriculum connections to science, language arts, history, and mathematics. Workshops will continue to foster experiential learning through open-ended discussion, cooperative group experiences, and kinesthetic activities. This approach reflects the Museum's increased focus on accessing the visual arts through multiple intelligences, inter- and intrapersonal relationships, and cross-curricular approaches to learning and teaching. In this way the Museum will enable both teachers and students to think aesthetically, culturally, and creatively while connecting to classroom learning.

Registration for workshops will open approximately one week prior to each workshop date.

Click here to view a list of Fall Teacher Workshop offerings.
Saint Louis Art Museum on YouTube
The Museum is pleased to offer educational video clips for online viewing via YouTube. Featured materials include film coverage of previous exhibitions including 'New Ireland: Art of the Pacific', 'Remote Viewing: Invented Worlds in Recent Painting and Drawing', and 'Rembrandt: Master Etchings from St. Louis Collections'. Also featured are artist profiles and KETC-TV interviews with Museum curators.

Visit to access these videos and more on the Museum's YouTube channel.