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MARCH 2010
Museum Moves Ahead on Expansion
On December 15, 2009, the Museum announced plans to proceed with its $130.5 million expansion project. The construction is anticipated to take approximately two years.

Groundbreaking took place in a ceremony at the Museum on January 19, 2010 (shown at left).

Director Brent Benjamin comments, "While the Museum will remain open throughout the construction period, impacts on our operations are inevitable."
Ideas for an Egyptian Field Trip
Teacher Julie Laury has sent this information about her students' study of Ancient Egypt and provided a handout that you can use with your class next time you visit. For the handout click here (pdf).

Julie Laury: "Sixth grade students from St. Katherine Drexel completed a cross-curricular unit on the Ancient Egyptians before visiting the Saint Louis Art Museum. In Social Studies the students studied ways of life and death in Ancient Egypt. 

In art class, they looked at drawings and details of tombs before working in groups to make paper life-size sarcophagi. Using clay, the students created their own version of a canopic jar.

The sixth grade hosted an Egyptian Day for kindergarten and first graders, where the older students shared what they had learned - aspects of Ancient Egypt, including the mummification process, make-up and hair styles, the great pyramids, hieroglyphic writing, and sarcophagus painting.

The culminating event was a visit to the Saint Louis Art Museum to view the Egyptian Galleries. The students were given a handout sheet to use to explore the works of art."
East St Louis Students Visit Museum
What happens when the Museum becomes a shared learning space for students who live in one of the most economically deprived zip codes in the country and for whom the Saint Louis Art Museum is an unknown entity?
Big Event for Teachers BY Teachers
Join us Monday, March 8, 2010, for an afternoon of FREE professional development workshops developed for teachers BY teachers in which hands-on studio workshops integrate writing, social studies, science, and other content areas with arts-based knowledge.

Open House: 4:00 - 6:00pm: Gather cross-curricular lesson plans and enjoy refreshments while networking with fellow educators and colleagues. No registration required.

Workshops: Exchange ideas and learn teaching techniques to infuse all subject areas with connections to the arts. Registration required.

Click here for a list of workshops (pdf).
Japanese Waka Poetry Activity
The haiku is a Japanese poetic form familiar to many Americans. Less well known is the waka - an older, but still popular form of poetry from which the haiku was derived.

In this activity, students will create their own structured Japanese waka poem in response to a work of art from the Asian art collection of the Saint Louis Art Museum.

Click here to download the complete lesson plan in pdf format.
SLAM Curriculum Packets "Uniquely Valuable"
Bill Perry is Art Instructor at Central Visual and Performing Arts High School of the Saint Louis Public Schools. For many years he has been bringing his drawing classes to the Museum once a month to work from the collection. Bill is a staunch supporter of Education at SLAM and serves on the teacher advisory group.

Bill Perry: "I teach high school art. I have been using the Saint Louis Art Museum's curriculum packets to teach art history to my studio students. I have found these packets to be a priceless tool in my art classroom.

The artwork for the posters is well chosen; using just a few images, the posters manage to cover a wide range of history and imagery. The posters themselves are beautifully printed; they give the students a clear, detailed idea of the artwork.

The teacher's handbooks are enormously useful. They give thorough, concise artistic and historical background for each of the posters. This enables me to present the context for each piece of artwork to my students, which makes the art meaningful and alive for them.

All in all, I have found these packets to be a uniquely valuable resource for teaching the history of art to high school students."
Museum Releases Curriculum Packet:
Art of Europe before 1800
The month of May once again marked the debut of a SLAM curriculum packet.

Thirty teachers who attended a workshop on Art of Europe before 1800 received the packets and participated in gallery and hands-on activities.