Flowers of the Four Seasons in Chinese and Japanese Art
February 7–September 1, 2014
Gallery 225
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Anything but Civil: Kara Walker's Vision of the Old South
February 26–August 10, 2014
Galleries 234 and 235
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Sight Lines: Richard Serra's Drawings for Twain
March 28–September 7, 2014
Gallery 313
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Tragic and Timeless: The Art of Mark Rothko
May 24–September 14, 2014
Galleries 251
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Brett Weston: Photographs
June 20–December 7, 2014
Gallery 321
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Facets of the Three Jewels: Tibetan Buddhist Art from the Collections of George E. Hibbard and the Saint Louis Art Museum
July 4, 2014–February 22, 2015
Gallery 100
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