New Media Series — William Kentridge: Two Films
January 28–May 22, 2011
This edition of the New Media Series offers two short animated films by acclaimed South African artist William Kentridge, Weighing…and Wanting (1998) and Journey to the Moon (2003). In both films, Kentridge investigates two ongoing themes in his art: the political and the personal. Weighing…and Wanting tells the story of wealthy industrialist Soho Eckstein, an iconic character in Kentridge's films. Exploring post-apartheid South Africa, Kentridge offers a thoughtful meditation on the complex identity of his native country. In contrast, Journey to the Moon provides an intimate look into Kentridge's creative processes. Using his signature method of stop-motion animation, Kentridge is filmed whimsically interacting with his own drawings as he pays homage to Le voyage dans la lune, the 1902 silent film classic by pioneering French filmmaker Georges Méliès.

Curated by Tricia Y. Paik, assistant curator of modern and contemporary art, William Kentridge: Two Films is on view in Gallery 301 from January 28 through May 22, 2011.

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