Chiura Obata: Four Paintings, Four Moods
October 4, 2013–February 2, 2014
Gallery 225

The Museum recently received the gift of Setting Sun of Sacramento Valley, a stunning painting by the Japanese-American artist Chiura Obata (1885–1975). This monumental work from 1922 depicts a glowing sunset scene in California. The composition is largely given over to the darkening dusk sky, energized by flame-like clouds over a blue-tinged landscape. The slightly domed horizon not only emphasizes the vast distance between the viewer and the sunset, but also the immense geographical coverage of the Sacramento Valley.

In recognition of the generous gift, the Museum has assembled three other major works by Obata from the 1930s. Together, they demonstrate his treatment of close and distant elements in landscapes, from the focused depiction of a single plum tree to the atmospheric and bird's-eye views of different California locales.

Chiura Obata: Four Paintings, Four Moods is curated by Philip Hu, associate curator of Asian art, and is on view in Gallery 225 from October 4 through February 2, 2014.