Saint Louis Art Museum
One Fine Arts Drive
Forest Park
Saint Louis, Missouri 63110-1380

General Information

Phone: 314.721.0072
Facsimile: 314.721.6172
TDD: 314.721.4807


General Membership: 314.655.5335 members@slam.org
Corporate Partners: 314.655.5355 brigid.flynn@slam.org
Planned Giving: 314.655.5126 bobby.sanderson@slam.org


General Curatorial Information: 314.655.5211 zoey.hasselbring@slam.org
If you are interested in giving gifts of art, click here


General Education Information: 314.655.5265 narni.cahill@slam.org
Group Visits (both docent-led and self-guided): 314.655.5469 Tour Request Form
Library: 314.655.5252 library@slam.org
Print Study Room: 314.655.5402 paper@slam.org

Shopping and Dining

Museum Shop: 314.655.5249 museumshop@slam.org
Panorama Restaurant: 314.655.5490.
Online Reservations

Facility Rental/ Hosting an Event

For more information about catering for your event, please contact the Sarah Hunkins by phone at 314.655.5387 or by email at sarah.hunkins@cafebonappetit.com

For information on renting the facilities at the Museum, click here.

Marketing and Media

Marketing: 314.655.5204 publicrelations@slam.org
Media Inquiries: 314.655.5493 matthew.hathaway@slam.org

Frequently Asked Questions

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