The Ancient Art collection features objects from a wide geographic area spanning the Mediterranean basin to Central Asia, with the ancient cultures of Greece, Italy, Iran, Iraq, and Egypt prominently represented. Although the objects in the collection are thousands of years old, they represent a variety of functions that are still relevant today and include drinking vessels, jewelry and perfume containers, religious dedications, and funerary monuments.

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Lisa Çakmak is the associate curator of ancient art. She joined the Saint Louis Art Museum in 2010 as the Andrew W. Mellon Fellow for ancient art and previously was the Niarchos Curatorial Fellow at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Çakmak has an undergraduate degree in art and archaeology from Princeton University, a master of arts and doctorate in classical art and archaeology from the University of Michigan, and a master of business administration from the Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis.

As part of the Art Museum’s historic expansion, Lisa installed galleries that highlight the art and architecture of the Roman Empire and showcase the museum’s collection of Near Eastern, Greek and Etruscan art. Çakmak is currently working on the reinstallation of the museum’s Egyptian collection, a project she has led through years of research and planning, including the 2014 CT-scanning of three mummies.

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Washington University medical team scans the mummies

A team from Washington University School of Medicine use CT scans to see what's under the mummies' wraps

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